Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just call me frazzled

Aargh, my life is chaos at the moment, which explains my absence from the blogging world for the past week or so. I've been frazzled, stressed, panicky, angry all at once, then back to normal all in the one night. I don't stress too easily, which is probably why I give myself plenty of jobs, but this week has been an exception.

I signed myself up for The Design exchange Market which is in October, to sell my Picklebug brooches and pendants. That's all good, and I'm very excited as I'm sharing a table with my good friend Michelle from Bok-Bok-B'Gerk. The reason for my little melt down is I am going to China in 18 sleeps and need to have everything finished before I leave. That's approx. 350 brooches and 100 soldered pendants. And to make it a bit more challenging for myself, cos apparently I love a challenge, I decided to make and screen print cute little aprons, and make earrings as well. 50 pairs. Yep. I love me.

Luckily I found a lovely lady willing to sew my aprons for me, so that's one less thing for me to do. I only had to cut out all the pieces ready to be sewn and believe me that had my knickers in a knot! Not a hard job, but other things kept coming up and I ended up speed cutting an hour before I was due to meet her. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the job done!

I feel like I'm taking one step forward and two back. I plan on doing a lot of making in the quiet times at work, but guaranteed I'll always leave one vital tool at home. The one thing that you really need to get that job done. It's doing my head in! Universe, why do you hate me so?!

Worst of all, I have had no time to tend to my blog or to read others! I feel disconnected! This blog was being written today come hell or high water. A head cold tried to knock me down but no chance Charlie!

Oh, and did I mention I'm leaving my kids behind when I go to China? 2 and a half weeks without them. Almost the other side of the world. I think this is the main source of my stress.

I have taken photos of this and that to show you, but here's one of those things where the universe is saying
f you! My stupid memory card kept spazzing out and wiping my photos. Over and over. And I'm over it.
Today it decided to work so I'll show you some photos of my ace new furniture from the best shop in the world Modern Vintage.

Enough distracting you with pretty things, back to my whinging now
Urgh, I can feel this cold taking over. Sore throat, headache, eyes closing over. Random ramblings. I think I'm going to succumb to it. Drift off into a heavy, crazy dream filled sleep. Oops, better add runny nose and dizziness to that sick list.

Aren't you glad you read this blog today? Good on you if you're still reading. If I saw a whinging rant like this I'd be outta there in .07 seconds. 

Feel free to let your troubles out in my comments section. might make me feel a bit better!

P.s, please don't un-follow my blog because of this terrible load of rot, I'm not always like this, I promise!


  1. A chance to unload my troubles in a blog comment Rach; I don’t think I’d have the space!
    You are lucky at least that one of your problems involves an awesome trip overseas. The only trips i look forward to with regard to my job are walking to the toilet, so I can get away from my cubicle during the day....

  2. Ah Rach! You did indeed look a little frazzled today :( I would offer some assistance, but well...as you know, I'm in the same boat (minus the China trip, but adding in a newborn).

    Just remember that there is only so much you can do, so if you can't get the aprons and earrings done, just do them after this market in preparation for the next one.

    Feel free to give me a call if you feel the need to spack out a little more ;)

  3. Just rant. We're here to listen. And no, we won't unfollow you.

  4. Oh Rach, that does sound very stressful.
    Deep breaths. I'm sure everything will come together. take care of you. x

  5. Good luck at the design fair, sounds amazing!! Oh, your newest follower, how do you do?? Loving those stools, they're fantastic, love Posie

  6. Glad to see you back... although sorry things are a bit full on!
    Hopefully the time you go to China will fly by and you'll be back with your children in no time.
    Meanwhile, I'm LOVING those stools. I must plan a day trip to Ballarat and visit your fabulous store!
    Keep smiling! xxx

  7. Unfollow you - as if that would ever happen. Your too ace to unfollow!!

  8. those stools are great


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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