Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forgot to show you

Looking at The Beetle Shack's new family photos, I realised I hadn't shared my most recent family pics, taken on Christmas day just gone. Our shoot was very impromptu, very unorganised, and very fun! I love the results, it shows the dorks that my family are. 

My neice Gypsy with my son Jesse

My brother Mathew with his wife Liz & son Harrison

My sister Kate with her husband Glenn. They have 3 year old twins Gypsy & Frankie, and a 2 year old, Bob
With Mum

My very mature parents
Mature once again

With Uncle Craig (he'd kill me if he saw that I'd called him that!) He's close to us in age so is more like a brother

A bunch of helium balloons tied to string - the only way to get all 6 kids looking in the same direction!
My husband Ben & I
With Jess and Ryleah
Too normal
That's better!
The in-laws
I love this one!
Harry loves bugs!
Gotta love timer photos!
These 2 were the best out of at least 20 pictures taken!

      Well we had fun anyway! The best part was plugging the camera into the tv later that night and looking at all the photos on the big screen - everyone had tears from all the laughing that night!


  1. LOVE THEM!!!! what an attractive family you have! xo em

  2. Why thankyou! I just love your cute little family though, and wow what a cool house! (I especially love your quilt on your bed!)

  3. I wish I was part of your family ... you look so much fun!

  4. Great photos - gorgeous family with a beautiful genuine warmth coming through. I need someone to come take excellent photos of me and my family! Kellie xx


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