Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog loving

Wowsers I've found some really cool blogs lately, mostly due to them finding mine first. I really don't feel worthy of my new followers! They all seem to lead these awesome lives with ace homes and cute families, and everyone has amazing photography skills!
I'd like to take a moment to share these blogs so that others may find them and too be envious of the cool people who write them

The beetle shack
I loved this blog from the moment I saw it! I feel like I have a lot in common with Emily, although I don't know her at all! Just love her taste I suppose!

Shhh.....it's lizeylou
Love the random posts about anything and everything! And she has a wonderful taste in music.

Ché and Fidel
I love finding a new blog with beautiful pictures, but then when 'Blackbird' by the Beatles starts playing, I'm totally hooked! Lots of lovely pictures of a gorgeous little boy.

A great little blog for seeing many beautiful things! I was lucky enough to feature in a post with my brooches this week :) Check it out!

That'll do for now, as my eyes are hanging out of my head - bed calls!


  1. you're so sweet, thanks for the mention. the beetle shack is actually two doors down from my place...we went to school together and now we're neighbours who share tea, occasionally dinner and always parenting advice.

    You have created a pretty special space here...x

  2. Thanks Jodi!
    I had the feeling there was a connection as the 2 names kept popping up together a bit! That's pretty cool to live so close to a friend and have kids around the same age and both have really nice blogs!
    A lot of my friends don't even know what a computer is let alone a blog :)

  3. hi! just me chiming in! How lovely of you to include my silly little blog and some pics of my (uber cute) kids!!! xxxx em

  4. oh also, im totally crushing on lizeylou too! And jodi, I always love jodi


  5. Great post, will have to check out your recommendations. Glad to have found you via The Beetle Shack.
    Following you now.
    x Marnie

  6. Well aren't you just lovely ... thank you so much. I am very happy to have found your blog too and seriously how beautiful is Em over at Beetleshack! And Che and Fidel - gorgeous!!
    Am off to check out Down that little lane right now - am sure it will be stunning to!!


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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