Sunday, January 16, 2011

New photos

Here's my latest additions to the photo project I'm doing which I mentioned in my last post. This week's theme was 'Togetherness' or 'Metal'.
I took some photos of my cute little vintage cash register cos I love it so much! I ended up using 2 photos of the same object for both themes.
'Metal' theme

'Together' theme
Yes I know the together them was a stretch, but the keys look so cute all lined up 'together' right? Ha!
'What's your viewpoint?' Photo challenge
This photo was for the first photo challenge of the year. The challenge was to take photos of something from a different angle than what you would usually do. I like this, Jemima looks so cute!
Loving this project - it's making me think more about what I'm taking pictures of and look at them in a different light. Next week's theme is 'Abandonment' or 'Doors'. Hhhm, interesting! Will keep you posted!

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  1. Rach your developing so much! Beautiful work.....I hope you pop those lovely pics in frames and hang them in your house.

    You never cease to amaze and surprise me with your talent!

    Take care. Ro


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