Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little table

So a few weeks ago I mentioned my bargain from Ruth's in Smythesdale - a cute little timber table for only $10! Well I brought it inside and I've been looking at it & looking at it & trying to decide what to do. Do I paint it? Do I strip it back and stain it? Or do I leave it as is?
This morning I decided I would paint it, but I wanted it to still have that old look about it.
So far I've painted 2 coats of an off white, & I like it better already! There was some of the old paint which was fairly worn and was chipping & peeling, and I really like that so with those bits I put some vaseline on them. Then once the paint is completely dry I will just run a rag over those bits and they will come off as the paint would not have been able to stick! Genius!
This is how it looks at the mo, wet paint still.
Will see how those worn bits go hey?


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