Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back again

Wow, I am really terrible at this blog thing.
I'm enjoying some time off work at the moment, kicking back, reading, nana naps(!) a bit of gardening and not much else. It's great to have some time to chill with the kids and not feel guilty that I should be doing something else.
So, the market! It went better than I expected! I had such a great time, and my sister Kate came along to help me out (thank god!). It was well worth all the work that went into it, and I will definitely be doing more markets next year.

I reckon one of the best parts of doing the market was meeting some really ace crafty people with stalls themselves. Behind me I had Sam from Ohme-ohmi, she had the cutest little kids clothes! I wish I'd seen her stuff when my kids were little! And next to her was her friend Pip with her label 'Pip & Maude' - the coolest handmade cards ever!
Pip & Maude

And of course I must mention the lovely Jen of A Mark in Time. I'm lucky enough to be Jen's hairdresser and look forward to catching up with her everytime she books in. She is extremely talented in making an artwork from any little old bits and pieces she finds, you must check her out!
Another of my hairdressing clients at the market was Amber from hardest button to button. She makes cool resin bangles with buttons and other various objects inside.

Another bonus of the day was having a lovely lady called Fiona approach me and offer to stock my products in her ace little shop Onabee in Kensington! I'm thrilled with that idea, it's all so exciting!

Also a few pieces have just been taken up to Darwin to be sold at a local market in a friend's stall. She also makes jewellery, laser cut images from wood. They're pretty cool, I'll post some photos if I can get my hands on them.
Wowsers, look at me go with the links and photos!

It's all looking very promising for 2011!  Happy new year to all!

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