Monday, June 25, 2012

A nail in the hand is worth two in the bush?

WARNING: following images may make you queezy!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know the fun filled week I had last week.
If not, this is for you.

So late Monday night after a few beverages,  my husband accidentally shot himself in the hand with a nail gun. He didn't realise it was plugged in, and was stirring his sister up. Yep. 
The nail stayed in for 16 hours before it was carefully removed by plastic surgeons in Geelong.
It barely missed all bones, tendons and nerves.
No permanent damage thank goodness!

Lesson of the day?
Don't pretend you're gonna shoot yourself with a nailgun and then actually do it!!


  1. Holy sheet ... I once dated a guy who nail gunned his hand to a fence.

  2. OUCH! I must have missed that on Instagram. Poor thing. Hope he's on the mend now. x

  3. he was the one that got the biggest shock though!! Nail guns are so dangerous. Least he pretended to shoot his own hand not somewhere else...... hope it heals fast xx

  4. 16 hours, he must have been very brave. I stepped on a nail once and got stuck, but it didn't last long. Anyway, the lesson of the day is an important one, I will remember.
    All good,

  5. O_O

    i hope he's felling ok now

  6. Eww! Ouch! I read the warning and really should have looked away, but no I had to look! Can't feel my legs! Do hope all is well now at yours! x

  7. AH!!!!!!!!

    That's terrifying! WOW! So glad he's okay though!

  8. Oh wow! That's crazy. Lucky he didn't do any damage!

  9. Yeah, thanks for the warning ... Unfortunately my curiosity got the better of me and looked anyway ... Ouch! And yes, feeling queasy! Hope it heals well.

  10. Hey there picklebug... where you been???

  11. Fark!!!!!!!!! One does have to wonder where ones brain is located or if one does actually have a brain

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