Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well hello there!

I have been a bad bad blogger. No reading, no writing. Bad.

It's all Instagram's fault.

She is like my mistress. She has stolen my heart and I can't get enough

Not a great deal of exciting stuff has actually been happening here. Lots of stuff, very busy stuff, but not exciting stuff. Well, I think it's exciting, but it's not really blog-worthy, you know?
Truth be told, I am turning into a full blown Nana. I love it and will not fight it! Let me bake scones! Let me make jam! Let me crochet til the cows come home! I am a happy Nana!
We have been spending a lot of time at home, enjoying the last of this beautiful weather (when it's not pouring rain!). Picking blackberries, making patchwork doona covers, having fun with our many animals, we have been making the most of what we've got right here.
That's what my dreams are made of.

I have been taking a crazy amount of photos of us doing these things.
I am totally digging fat mum slim's photo a day challenge, it's fun to be given something to look for!

For all you non-instagrammers out there, here's a few too many snaps so you can have a sticky at what I've been doing.

So while life hasn't been overly exciting, we have been having a great time chilling out and enjoying the little things at home.
It is my most favourite place to be in the world!


  1. Rach I think that all looks very exciting! I am a bit of a nana as well,I could quite happily sit at home knitting and baking my days away!

    LOVE the photos, just gorgeous. I particularly love the blackberries. YUM!! Thanks for sharing. :) xo

  2. Id spend all my time at home if my home was like yours!!xx

  3. I can see why it's your favorite place in the world :) x

  4. You've inspired me to get back in to Instagram - now that Pinterest is scaring the crap out of me I need a new obsession! Fabulous pics by the way - I had a great time perusing them.

  5. If that's the Nana life, then I want in! :)
    It sounds like you've been having such a lovely time.
    I've missed your blog, but enjoy every second of stopping to smell the roses. :) xx

  6. Oh Rach - I can see why you are addicted! Those pics are just lovely, I especially like the food ones. Come back, we've missed you! x

  7. I cant find you on instagram... what are you called??? I searched under picklebug and there are no pictures!

  8. Love your pics. And absolutely adore your bedside table (the turquoise one). Gorgeous!

  9. Bad blogger maybe - cool chick with ace house and pictures, no doubt!!

  10. LOVE your photos Rach and I love that you're content to be a Nana... so am I! I am loving my days pottering around home and the suburb we live. Crafting, cooking, mothering, all good good stuff.
    The pics of your kids and the animals are gorgeous xo

  11. Your world is just such a delight, Rach. Great pics and a great attitude. x

  12. Looks wonderful; kids, chickens, ducks, dogs, jam, tomatos, berries that veranda! Oh how I'm looking forward to summer here!

  13. it looks pretty perfect rach. love your photos & home life. i am back blogging in a new space now. all ok. talk soon. veronica. xo.


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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