Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's coming!

Only 45 sleeps til Christmas did you realize? I havn't even started my shopping, but I know everything that I need. How about you, are you one of those 'shop in June for Christmas' people? Or are you more a last minute crazy person? I'm somewhere in between, I like to be organized by the week before Christmas, but I usually duck out for something extra as late as Christmas Eve. Even if I don't really need it, I just think it feels more Christmassy!
I'm having Christmas at my house this year, and I'm super excited, mainly because I get to decorate for it!
I don't do tinsel, but lots of lights and candles make me happy, and create such a beautiful atmosphere. I've been saving all our used glass jars so I can do this sort of thing:

Yesterday I got my copy of Inside Out magazine, it's their Christmas edition, and I got plenty of inspiration from there too. What I liked most about it was that it wasn't all glitz and glitter (although a bit of glitter is good!). It was real people in real homes, with some pretty ace ideas!!

There was tips for setting a beautiful and funky Christmas table, cool garlands and wreaths unlike any you've seen before, and 100 gift ideas for stocking fillers. Beware: you may just want everything on this list for yourself! Well they've thought of that too, cos you can win the lot in their competition! Not much point in you entering though as it is already mine! Mwahahaha!

Do yourself a massive favour and buy this baby if you havn't already, and check out the house on page 90 - it's freaking awesome! Gah, I can't even stand it!

Do you get this excited over magazines?

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  1. Oh yes, much magazine excitement here! We are trying to create some new Christmas traditions here and don't even really "do" a big Christmas but I still have to get the Inside Out Chriisie edition for all it's gorgeousness! I feel like you this year though, a real tree all the way plus we live close enough to Killikrankie to go visit! Yay!


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