Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All things chicken

 Eggs of all shapes and sizes
 Miss Sadie cooking up some babies!
 My own little babies, fresh from the incubator (excuse the poo!)
No, not a chicken, but I couldn't not mention my poor little Jemima. Taken by a fox last week, bastard!

I love my chooks and ducks!

(Last chance to win guys! Get on it!)


  1. Oh those little chickies are so cute! So sorry to hear about poor Jemima. xx

  2. Oh my, your photos are gorgeous!
    And you've made me miss our girlies and their clucking and eggs and soft fluffy chickies. Not the poo so much though.

  3. Precious little chicks great photos too, that is so sad to hear about your little Jemima. Sending you sunshine for a wonderful day my friend

    Always Wendy

  4. Noooooo not jemima! What a sly little fox. Loving the little chicks!

  5. oh i want some. how adorable. and i love the fact you get your own eggs. love!! xo. ps: sorry to hear about your jemima. how beautiful she looks.

  6. Poor Jemima .. thats awful!!
    But those chicks are SO cute.

  7. I love your chooks too!!!! How are the little ones doing?


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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