Friday, September 23, 2011

Something you don't want to happen when you've got a hotel room to yourself

So I'm staying in a hotel room by myself for the next 2 weeks, and this is my 3rd night alone. I have been really enjoying my space and was planning on having a bath tonight after tea. Aah, relaxing in the tub with no interruptions, how lovely!

Now all that has changed. I returned to my room after 2 hours away and things were different in my room. Like I walked into the bathroom and the shower curtain was pulled across. I did what all women from horror movies do that you know she shouldn't do - I walked over and looked behind the curtain. What the f was I thinking??? There could have been any sort of crazy person in there ready to stab me! Nobody there luckily. My heart started beating overtime.
Next, I turned around and the toilet seat was up. Now I definitely did not do that! Started freaking! A dude has been in here!
Walked back into the bedroom, eyes darting here and there, trying to remember, did I close the curtains? Is there someone hiding behind them?  Then a sound - the kettle was boiling. Fuck. (and I never swear!)
I grabbed my room key and ran to my parents room down the hall. They came racing over with me and Dad called the manager up to the room. 
We looked around some more and noticed a pair of slippers on the floor next to my bed. And a bath mat which wasn't there before. And a newspaper on top of things I had been using before I left. And a few other things had been moved around. 
The manager A fifteen year old Chinese girl who could speak very little English came to the room, and I explained what had happened. She said 'yes, housekeeping' What? Housekeeping at 7pm? They had already tidied my room this morning, why were they coming in again?
She went through the list of things they do when they come to deliver the breakfast coupons, and sure enough, it was all those things. 
Jesus christ people! Give a girl a heart attack why don't ya?

I'm still a little jumpy and keep thinking I'm hearing noises and seeing shadows, so I think I'll sleep with the tv on! Mum is a bit worried too, she told me to go and sleep in with them, but that might be a bit awkward with only 1 bed!

So, this just may be my last post. If you hear about an Aussie gal being stabbed in her Chinese hotel room, you can say 'Oh hey, That must have been Rachel!"
Nice knowing you peeps!


  1. haha this made me laugh! and love your blog!

  2. but hey ... don't die on me ... because i would like to keep reading ;)

  3. What type of cleaner leaves the toilet seat UP?! Kellie xx


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