Monday, September 19, 2011

Day one

{apologies if you can't see these photos, the proxy I need to use to access blogger from China is a bit funny and sometimes things work properly, other times they don't. I can't even change the photo size - it's infuriating! But I believe if you click on the photo to open in another window you can see it there}

What a day! This crazy beautiful country has provided us with a day of laughter and wonderful memories, and some really awesome treasure finds. We found ourselves being led into people's homes as well as warehouses in which we were driven 30 minutes away. Putting our trust in complete strangers who barely spoke English, all to find the most quirky and interesting items for our shop.

The warehouse is like the Taj Mahal of junk shops, with suitcases, stools and anything you can possibly think of piled high up to the ceiling. We are heading back tomorrow for the whole day to buy a truck load of treasure!



We ended the day with dinner at a posh western restaurant overlooking the Bund. It's amazing at night with all the lights and beautiful views.

I absolutely love this country with all it's lovely happy people. And everywhere you look is the perfect photo opportunity!

Hope all is well back home with you guys!

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