Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new venture

For those of you who don't know, I am a hairdresser and own a busy salon in the centre of Ballarat. Last year my parents and I decided to rearrange the business a little so we could open a homewares shop as well. Mum and Dad have done a fair bit of importing from China over the past few years for their business, and seeing as how it's all made over there anyway, we thought why not go over ourselves? Cut out the middle man so we can keep costs down and pass the savings onto the customers. Not to mention getting to see a really amazing part of the world!

 The property we lease is 3 storeys tall and also has a little stables out the back which was renovated 15 years ago into an ace loft apartment. We decided we could move the salon into the stables and have a huge shop in front for retail.

So off we went to China and bought up big - recycled timber furniture, beautiful decorative giftware as well as interesting vintage bits and pieces sourced from an antique market in Shanghai. Now it's on it's way over on a shipping container, and we're working hard to get everything ready for the big change over!

This is the area in between the 2 buildings. Once a very run down veranda and car park, it's now a pretty ace looking place! We will fill it with plants and a table & chairs for a nice place to chill while the colour on your head's processing!

Not a lot needs to be done to the inside, just a bit of paint to get rid of a couple of orange walls, and new benches for hairdressing work stations (Thanks Dad!)
I have to mention that I have the handiest Dad in the world! He can build anything (including the above pergola and fence). He built everything in the current salon and is doing the same for the new salon as well as the homewares shop. You're the best Dad!
Now I can't say that without mentioning my superhero Mum! She has muscles on her muscles, and don't you dare tell her she can't do something! Like when we were told we wouldn't be able to fit a 2.4 metre table into a Pajero. We sure did prove them wrong didn't we Mum! So I may have had to fold myself in 2 and squeeze under the table for the drive back because we had to lay every seat down, but god damn it we got that table in! Haha, good times!

 The girls keeping busy while their mums are painting

I feel so lucky to be able to have such a big change like this! I'm so excited to be able to work in a new shop and sell really ace things for houses. 
 But the best part is I'll be able to let my crafty lady loose! She's nearly busting out already! 
I want to stock a range of locally handmade goodies too. I have a few things in mind and have talked to some clever people about stocking their products so it will be a good mix. I'm open to suggestion too if you know of anyone that makes cool, different things (preferably with a vintage look or theme).

Well that was an effort!
Keep your eyes peeled for the new store's blog coming soon!

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