Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the winners are...

Well we've reached the end of March and as promised, we have 2 winners selected for the brooch giveaway!

It got pretty technical! A few bits of paper in the good old cooks measure, shaken and selected to determine the winners!

I love these old things! They should bring them back I say. I'd use this one if it wasn't for the rusty parts, but it does look good on my kitchen shelf anyway.

And the winners are...

Bron, a fellow blogger, and Ange, a cool chick I've known for abeges. Well done ladies! I will be sending you an email shortly for your details!


  1. We had that exact same measuring jug when I was a kid! Thanks for picking my name out! I am exited!

  2. WOOHOO sooooo excited :-) love ya work Rach. I will wear it with Pride :-)


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