Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a sunshine day!

What an awesome day! I so needed that after a few gloomy days which caused a gloomy mood to hang over me!
After work I picked up my nephew Harrison from school and we made chocolate crackles, while Ryleah made chocolate cupcakes. Delicious! And fun!

Central highlands water were nice enough to send me a packet of squash seeds today as part of some scheme thingy they've got going on. They must have read my mind cos I'm planning on starting my veggie patch very soon. I'm sure it's not the ideal time to start planting, but I'm gonna give it a go anyway! There's some good websites around with tips on what to and what not to plant now. Hhhm, not sure about squash but I can't wait now that I have the seeds! In the pot they go - grow little seeds grow!
I'll have to get some tips off Rohan from Whole Larder Love as to how to best grow veggies - he is the king of home grown and home made goodness! Hhhm, wonder if he has any idea about keeping roos from eating the produce? Without using a gun!

Speaking of home made goodness, check out these scrumptious looking hot cross buns!
If only they'd cooked right through instead of being a pile of dough underneath! Aaaargh, I can never get this sort of baking right! I'm gonna blame my oven, piece of crap!

Now to finish with a couple of pics which my daughter Ryleah wanted me to put up. These are her most recent jewellery creations.

Made for Ryleah's best friend Steph.

This bracelet was made during Ryleah's art class at Red Brick gallery using an assortment of weird and wonderful objects. Gotta love the hotdog charm!

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