Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So after Shanghai we went to a city called Yiwu, which is home to the world's largest trade market. We spent a good 7 or so days buying up enough stock to fill our new shop. Then we decided it was time to see some sights. We asked our guide Allan to take us somewhere nearby with a bit of history, a temple or something like that. So he organised our day. We had no idea where we were going or what we were in for! We arrived at this cute little village, jumped out of the car and grabbed a drink out of the esky (beer for the guys of course). As we were walking along this path, a group of Chinese guys were laughing at us. We were by that stage quite used to being stared at but laughed at? How rude I thought. Now I know why. 1 hour and 1543 steps up a mountain later I knew why. Had I known I would have brought some water!

The first few steps
Nearly there, we said
 Oh, maybe not. Ok, a few more steps then?

 Here we are! Thank god cos I feel like I'm gonna pass out or something

Yes! A temple!
and a buddah, this is it!

Umm, what! Only half way? But I'm gonna die! This is worse than boot camp! Only 700 more steps, I'm told
 Thank Buddah, we made it!
This temple was pretty cool, it was cut into the rock and was like a cave inside


The chinese loving Ryleah
Oh look, here's another thing to look at
Cao! This must be some kind of sick joke! (Yes I learnt to swear in Chinese)
These 200 or so steps killed me

Of course there's more
Yes! This is really it! Can't get much higher than here!

All that for this?! I guess Miley Cyrus is right when she says 'It's the climb'  Good god, did I just quote Miley Cyrus? Must be the jet lag.
Believe it or not, this is a dude. Wasn't the only hair do I saw like this either

We came all this way, we have to let of some fire crackers to celebrate right?
and a few more

Well why wouldn't you hang meat at a temple up the top of a mountain?


Crackers again despite an old lady abusing us in Chinese

There was another 43 steps, trust me they need to be acknowledged 

This old lady brought a tear to my eye when she started singing a prayer to bless the pendant I bought off her
That's right

Now why wasn't that donkey there on our way up?
That's the temple way up the top there. You'll have to excuse the poor quality, we were flying along at about 130km in an old van at the time. Sometimes on the wrong side of the road too.

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