Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yes! I'm home and finally I can show you my photos from China!
I've been busting to show everyone, but because of certain banned sites in China, I couldn't access my page properly. It would seem that China doesn't like it's people to share their goings on - no facebook, blogs, flickr, nothing. So here goes...

Our first 4 nights were spent in Shanghai, what an ace place! Crazy everywhere you look, something different around every corner. Unfortunately some silly twit accidentally wiped most of my Shanghai photos and I almost slit my wrists, but I realised I had edited and saved my favorites - about 40 of them, so that was a consolation, right? I keep telling myself that!

The view from our hotel room

Yu gardens

Tea ceremony

This cracked me up! People just having a dance on the street with their music playing, nearly joined in but we were in a hurry our guide told us. Granny in purple trackies was the funniest, had some ace moves!

The Bund. The smog was actually quite good this day apparently.

These Chinese guys didn't have their own camera so paid someone to take their photo with us! Aah the life of a blonde!

They'll hang their undies anywhere in China - no shame at all!

I loved these little alleys

An antique market. Bought a few goodies for the new shop here

Fuxing Park - a place for retirees to come and enjoy Tai Chi, singing, dancing, playing chess, or whatever it is that they love. It was an amazing place to see.

My parents joined in the street dancing. After this photo was taken, I was whisked away by a Chinese man who showed me off to all his friends! I'm not much of a dancer so it was interesting!

That's right, fishing for goldfish!

Zhujiajiao is an ancient town like Venice with the water canals. A very busy little place with all sorts of interesting food and smells around.

These old ladies were selling goldfish for people to set free into the river. You make a wish when you throw them in and your wish comes true as the fish is grateful for it's freedom!

Only in China will you see men welding without masks or harnesses 6 stories in the air on bamboo scaffolding. 

Doesn't he look so cute and innocent? Only moments earlier he chucked a wobbly and threw his bike at someone and tipped a table that people were playing chess at!

I just loved ever bit of Shanghai and would do it all again. Maybe I won't delete my photos next time.


  1. Rach what wonderful Pictures Looks lik eyou had an amazing time.Cant wait to hear all about it

  2. OMG amazing photos i love it ... makes me want to go there ... One day :-) Will have to get some tips from you if i ever get the chance to head over there :-)

  3. Hey Rachel
    Are some of those last few shots taken in the water village, Qibao? Cool place.
    We regularly head to Fuxing Park, love it there, about a 20 minute drive from our apartment (NOT on a Fri during peak hour!)
    We also go to Yu Yuan but mainly just when visitors are here, there is a fantastic market across the road that not many tourists
    would get too, I know you'd find tons of stuff for your shop there, let me know next time you're in 'town'!!!
    Kimbra in Shanghai


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