Monday, February 21, 2011


Today our little kitten Pebbles went to the vet to get desexed & microchipped. Normally she's full of energy and hates sitting still for cuddles, so it's been kinda nice having her a bit more relaxed, even if it is just because of the anesthetic! I've been making the most of it - lots of cuddles and of course, lots of photos! I can never normally get a good shot of this cat!
Otis watches over his little sister

Cuddles on Ryleahs' bed


Snoozing in the sun
How cute is she?
On a sadder note, we lost one of our little guinea pigs last night :(  Poor little love, not quite sure what happened, but it seemed like he had caught a cold and just went down hill from there. We tried getting his temperature up, but it was too late.
Guinea, yes and original name I know!

As I was sitting there trying to warm this little piggie it reminded me a lot of when I was a kid - my guinea pig caught pneumonia after getting caught in a huge downpour one night. I tried all day to keep that little guy alive. I had him in front of the heater, turning him every now and then to try to warm him, but despite my efforts, he died that night.
These things happen right? I just like to try to not let them happen!
I better stop there before you all think I'm some sort of crazy animal lady! (Well ok, maybe I am!) I know most people wouldn't carry on about a guinea pig dying, let alone write about it in their blog! Ah well, you get all sorts hey?

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  1. OUCH! Well it's good that it's de-sexed. Less chance of ferels being born!


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